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The number of unread emails in Priyanka’s account will blow your mind

NEW DELHI: Fans must have an idea about ‘extremely busy’ schedule of showbiz stars but the latter really dont keep check on their email accounts? Looks Priyanka Chopra falls in this category.

Actor and producer Alan Powell revealed a secret about actress Priyanka Choprawhen he posted an image of the Bollywood actress in which she is seen holding a phone with over 2.5 lakh unread emails.

Alan Powell Priyanka chopra

Chopra’s Quantico co-star, Powell, posted an image on his Twitter account and warned her fans from sending a mail to her because, probably, she never checks them. The Mail app in the actor’s mobile phone is visible with 2,57,623 unread emails.

Flabbergasted, the fans of the Quantico actor started posting images of their own unread emails.

priyanka chopra unread emails

The social media was filled with people who were astonished at the fact that the superstar is as unkempt as the rest of the people, at least when it comes to checking her e-mails.




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