Nun stabs 7 year old to teach him about Jesus’s suffering!

A over-committed Slovakian nun stabbed a schoolboy in order to teach him how Jesus Christ had suffered for the sins of mankind.

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Apparently, the nun went too far in teaching the schoolchildren a lesson.

Sister Ludovita, a 30 year old nun pricked was teaching a class of students at a school in the town of Kysucke Nove Mesto in northern Slovakia. In order to properly emphasize how much Christ suffered from the terrible wounds inflicted on him, she called an unsuspecting pupil by the name of Adam Celko, to the front of the class. Soon as the unsuspecting 7 year old boy came forward, the nun pricked him in the arm with a hand, telling him this was how Jesus suffered. She also let it be known to him that he would suffer the same fate, if he failed to behave properly.

Celko’s mother was obviously not happy over the incident. She said:-

“When Adam got home he had a wound on the back of his hand and when I asked him what had happened he told me the nun had done it. I was completely shocked. I mean, what on earth was she thinking?”

A spokesperson for the school stated that they disapproved of such teaching methods and the teacher had been removed from her duties. However, they also disclosed that when contacted, the nun had not admitted to stabbing the boy. She had instead stated that the children were invited to prick themselves with the needle in order to experience gentle pain, as they were studying about the suffering of Christ.

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Nun stabs 7 year old to teach him about Jesus’s suffering!

by Shahjahan Khurram