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PS-127: Nusrat’s tweet and Imran Ismail’s reply raise old and new questions

But that’s not the end of the story.

Amid the blame game and accusations of rigging and irregularites, it was a single tweet by MQM London leader Nadeem Nusrat which raised all the new and old questions about the rumored PPP-MQM collusion, the relations between MQM-London and MQM Pakistan and Farooq Sattar’s claim that MQM has completely dissociated itself from its London chapter.

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London based Nusrat, who is party’s convener, tweeted on Thursday that “ has once again back stabbed AAZ (Asif Ali Zardari) had promised Dr Farooq Sattar in Dubai recently that PPP wouldn’t field candidate from PS127 but..”.

It was no ordinary claim but what followed raised more questions. PTI Karachi leader Imran Ismail, the man who once contested against MQM’s Kunwar Naveed Jameel in what can be termed country’s most happening by-polls in NA-246, questioned Nusrat if MQM wanted to get its candidate elected unopposed by PPP?          Ismail also asked if Nusrat, a MQM London leader, is representing MQM Pakistan or London?. As Nusrat was complaining on behalf of MQM Pakistan head Farooq Sattar─ the one who amended party’s constitution and removed clauses binding Rabita Committee to seek guidance from party chief Altaf Hussain. 

Almost all MQM London leadership, except for Nusrat, had condemned Sattar’s moves against the party’s founder Altaf Hussain.


The question was pertinent, as MQM London leader Wasay Jalil─who openly voiced his disapproval of MQM Pakistan’s plans to bring a resolution against MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s August 22 speech and dissociate itself from its founder─ was on Thursday tweeting in favour of MQM Pakistan’s candidate and urging people to vote for Waseem Ahmed.

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