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NY Police arrests a man who robs a bank in wheel chair

According to details, Police have arrested Kelvin Dennison, 23 for allegedly robbing Santander Bank branch in Queens at around midday on 29 June, ordering a teller to “give me all you have”.

He is then said to have added: “I have a gun.”

The teller gave him $1,212 (£778) before he pushed himself out of the bank and fled down the street on his wheelchair.

Police released two images of a man in a wheelchair leaving the bank, which had been taken on CCTV.

When Dennison showed up at a hospital in Queens two days after the alleged robbery, someone recognised him and called police. It was not revealed why he had gone to the hospital.

A spokesman for the Queens district attorney’s office told US media that Dennison told officers he was in a wheelchair after being injured in a shooting.

He was charged with robbery and is being held on $15,000 (£9,600) bail.



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