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Will BOL’s bigwigs resign after Axact expose? NYT report stirs up debate

KARACHI: The New York Times (NYT) report leveling accusations on Axact company has sparked a debate whether BOL Media news team will abandon the group after startling revelations, ARY News reported.

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According to details, some senior journalists associated with BOL have announced to quit the media group provided if the allegations against are proven.

Veteran journalist and President BOL Network, Kamran Khan has said that he will leave the group if charges against Axact are proven.


Talking exclusively to anchorperson Wasim Badami at ARY News programme ’11th Hour’, Kamran Khan said that New York Times (NYT) reporter Declan Walsh contacted him last week to have his stance for the story.

“Walsh also contacted the Axact for their version. But he was told that his all queries could not be replied in such an insufficient period of time.”

Khan said the story came as a shock for him. But the story didn’t come all of a sudden, as the NYT had earlier contacted in Sep 2013, he mentioned.

He questioned whether thousands of educated youngsters were running a racket in Pakistan through Axact.

“The source of the NYT story are some customers who had faced difficulties, while US papers always have a typical stance towards Pakistan-related stories,” he tried to explain.

The reporter behind the story was expelled two and half years ago, while it also had no stance by the Axact group, added the veteran journalist. “All of the information coming from different institutions cannot be trusted.”

When asked that the Federal Investigation Agency has found some evidences of wrongdoings during raids at Axact offices today, he replied, “I don’t know what was found from Axact Office while FIA’s stance should not used like this.”



The drawback in Pakistan is that the people on ground know nothing, but outsiders have access to everything, he regretted.


Axact CEO’s name to be put on ECL by arynews

In the end, Khan said,” I will quit BOL without any second thought if charges against the Axact stand proved.”


Off The Record 19 May 2015 by arynews

Earlier while talking to anchorperson Kashif Abbasi during ARY News program ‘Off the Record’, BOL Media’s senior executive vice president and anchorperson Iftikhar Ahmed said that if the accusations against the group are substantiated then he along with his team will quit the media house.

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