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Obama welcomes Halloween trick-or-treaters at White House

A toddler dressed as the pope who was being pushed in a “popemobile” caught Obama’s attention as he and the first lady walked the South Lawn, baskets of goodies in hand for costumed trick-or-treaters.

US President Barack Obama welcomes a child at the White House on the occasion of Halloween
US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House on the occasion of Halloween


The White House facade was partially colored in black and thronged on either side by sinister figures on stilts and plenty of pumpkins, in an effort to turn the grounds into an “enchanted forest.”

Meanwhile acrobats, trapeze artists and jugglers entertained the day’s guests, local school children and military children, who were dressed as firefighters, princesses and various other characters.

The first couple did not dress in costume, with Obama wearing a brown cardigan over a gray collared shirt, and Michelle in a multi-colored tee with black jacket.

The White House’s Twitter account also tweeted a picture of the president holding a young child dressed as a rabbit and wishing him.


More than 4,200 people were expected at the event, where White House M&M candies, cookies, kettle corn, fruit bars and baseball cards featuring the first dogs, Sunny and Bo, were distributed.

The evening also featured the White House’s first ever pavilion with La Catrina, the famous skull from Mexican folklore, which is associated with Dia De Los Muertos.



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