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Objectionable content: Pemra issues ‘final warning’ to TV channels

In a statement today, Pemra instructed all TV channels to ensure that inappropriate or unethical content does not go on-air.  Avoid broadcast of objectionable phrases like sabotaging the democratic setup, provoking top civil, military officials to take any undemocratic step, stated the authority.

All channels must ensure that no content accusing constitutional institutions is aired by them.

“The content should also be reviewed so that it may not arouse sectarianism,” read the statement. “Labeling someone as infidel, traitor or blasphemer, and cursing others on TV screens is also prohibited.”

Pemra directed all channels to submit their report after the installation of broadcast delay system by June 10. They were also asked to provide details about their editorial committees in this period.

In case of violation, the regularity authority warned of heavy fines and closure of programs, and in extreme cases, the transmissions could be suspended and criminal penalties imposed on those responsible.



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