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Obscenity and vulgarity has ruined theatre: Umer Sharif

Theatre is one of the antique ways of performing art, evidences of its presence can be found from the Ancient Greek era.

Once theatre in Pakistan was at its peak and performance of Pakistani artists not only was appreciated by the people of Pakistan but neighboring countries including India.

But, unfortunately with the passage of time it started to decline, the main reason behind its downfall is the replacement of dramas consisting of stories providing rather stronger message to the audience with its vulgar dialogues and dances, switching the crowd as well as artists to the present day TV talk shows.

While talking to ARY News over the issue king of theatre, Umer Sharif said that it’s not the only reason for theatre’s downfall in Pakistan, rather its trend has been ended and there are several reasons for that.

He said that the inflation and deteriorating law and order situation has made it a difficult thing now days.

“If the ticket prices are assigned to the theatres according to its cost then it will become unaffordable for a lay man, while the people will also avoid heading to theatre due to the law and order situation in the country”, he added.

Umer suggested that the Government should take appropriate measures to continue the culture of theatre by organizing theatrical performances at public buildings having auditoriums.

Explaining reasons for downfall of theatre in the country, he further said that another reason most artists prefer performing on TV, because of good wages giving lesser time as compared to theatre.

According to Umer Sharif, copy rights issue has also turned the masses away from the theatres as many scenes are stolen and repeatedly occurring. The stage dramas were also spoiled for their scenes were not properly executed.

Umer Sharif claimed that vulgar dance is the main reason behind the destruction of theatre.

In his interview with ARY News, Umer Sharif announced that soon he will be reviving theatres by organizing theatrical performances countrywide for a few months.



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