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Of every Rs100 that govt spends in 2015-16, Rs53.63 will go to service debt, defence & running of govt


The Federal Budget outlay for the coming 2015-16 fiscal year is Rs 4,451.3 billion. Of this, Rs 1,279.985 billion has been allocated for debt servicing.


Of the remainder, defence will get Rs 781.162 billion, which means that of every Rs100 that the government spends in 2015-16, Rs 17.55 will go towards defence. In fact, if one includes the figure for military pensions for 2015-16, which is Rs 174.271 billion, then spending on the defence sector will be RS 21.4, for every Rs100 spent by the government.



As for the government’s running, the 2015-16 budget allocates Rs 326.331 billion. Going by the same yardstick, for every Rs 100 that the government will spend in 2015-16, Rs 7.33 will be spent on running itself.


This means that well above half — 53.63% to be precise — of the federal government’s outlay for 2015-16 will go towards servicing its debt, the defence budget, and running itself.





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