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OGRA Case: Chairman NAB appears in SC hearing

ISLAMABAD: Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB), appeared in the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) for hearing of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) corruption case on Wednesday, ARY News reports.

The case was heard by Justice Jawwad S. Khwaja. He said that the investigation of the case was to be completed in 45 days but no progress was seen even after 26 months. 

He added that its being said that 80 billion rupee corruption took place but it may be possible that it might have exceed one trillion. He further remarked that someone has to take responsibility of the delay in the probe.

NAB Chairman Chaudhry Qamar Zaman replied that the bureau is also investigating other cases along with OGRA scam. He claimed that four meetings have been held in regard to the corruption scandal and an executive board's meeting has been called as well.



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