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CJP orders oil tankers’ body to move to Zulfiqarbad terminal within 15 days

KARACHI: “After 15 days, no tanker should be parked in Shireen Jinnah Colony,” Chief Justice Saqib Nisar said while ordering oil tanker owners’ body to shift to Zulfiqarabad Terminal.

Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar, officials of the oil tanker owners’ association appeared before the Chief Justice who was hearing the case pertaining to oil tankers parking at Shireen Jinnah Colony, at Karachi registry of the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“Zulfiqarabad terminal has been inaugurated a year ago but oil tankers’ owners are not ready to leave Shireen Jinnah Coloney,” Mayor Karachi told the court.

Yousaf Shahwani , president of the oil tankers owners association, claimed that Mayor Karachi is lying, “we are ready to go but we have been only given 130 acres of land out of the total 200 acres,” he added.

CJP questioned Mayor Karachi that why the work has not been finished at the terminal? On which Waseem Akhtar maintained that the work has been completed. The court then directed to inspect Zulfiqarabad terminal and apprise the court of its condition.

On the directives to move to the new terminal in 15 days, the president of oil tankers association argued that it would not be possible for them to execute the order in such a short span of time.

Over the argument, the top judge warned Shahwani, to show some love for the country, otherwise anyone intending to observe a strike will be sent to the lock up.



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