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One dead in violent clashes at Aligarh Muslim University in India

According to reports received here, the clashes erupted between two rival student groups on Saturday night.

The conflicted started after a student residing at the campus’ Mumtaz hostel was assaulted and his room was set on fire. The victim rushed to the proctor’s office to complain about the incident.

Tensions between the groups belonging to Azamgarh and Sambhal regions had been simmering for a while.

However, the situation quickly escalated and got out of control. The students set fire to the proctor’s office, a jeep and six motorbikes which left several students injured.

Police said the student named Mehtab was shot dead near the Proctor’s office where the groups exchanged fire with each other.

The clashes were finally diffused by the police in the early hours of Sunday. A heavy contingent is still deployed on the campus to prevent further incidents.



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