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From one pound fish to 'Machi Da Ek Pound'

The singer who was settled in London, is in Pakistan these days. he became overnight famous with his comical song ‘One pound fish’ and received recognition within Pakistan and more notably England. The Punjabi version, aptly titled ‘Machi Da Ek Pound’ is also being relished in the new language in the same way the original version was enjoyed by all.

The singer is in Pakistan these days, Karachi to be more precise. He is currently working on numerous film and television projects. Speaking to a local newspaper, he stated that he had completed two Punjabi tracks and will be soon releasing videos for both projects.

The Pakistani born used to sell fishes back in London’s Upton area. As a fish monger. This unique song of his inspired his customers to flock to his fish store and purchase fish from him only. The act had a wonderful effect on his business and that is when Nazir came to know that his unique chant had a ring to it.

A friend of his filmed him singing the song which got fifty-thousand views on YouTube, establishing him as a social media personality overnight. The rest was history. Warner Brothers signed him into a contract and a video for his song was also released, popularizing him further. The song is also available on iTunes, further making Nazir a rich man.

We hope the local Pakistanis, especially the Punjabis have a taste of ‘Machi Da Ek Pound’ and find it as amusing as the original track!



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