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One-year-old swallows venomous snakelet while playing

BAREILLY, India: A one-year-old boy has accidentally swallowed an extremely poisonous snakelet while playing in the courtyard of his house, however, his life was luckily saved by doctors after timely treatment.

The incident took place in a suburban village, Bholapur, in India’s Bareilly district on Saturday evening where a toddler had partially swallowed a snakelet after biting it before being noticed by his mother.

One-year-old swallows venomous snakelet krait hatchling

She immediately rushed to his rescue and managed to pull the snakelet out of his mouth.

According to local media reports, the mother thought her child had swallowed some solid object he found on the ground but she was shocked after finding it a snakelet.

One-year-old swallows venomous snakelet krait hatchling

Later, the boy was taken to a hospital where he was administered with an anti-venom-injection and kept under observation. It emerged that the 6-inch-long snake was found dead and it was taken to the hospital by the toddler’s father.

Doctors told media that the snake, a krait hatchling, was extremely poisonous but timely treatment saved the child’s life.



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