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Only govt, opposition have key to elections, says Zardari

According to details, Asif Ali Zardari kept on criticizing Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and its leadership during his meeting with PPP officials of Sargodha Division, at Bilawal House Lahore.

He slammed the PTI chairman saying that the one, who owns a residence on 70 acres of land, is boasting to end the VIP culture from the country.

The PPP co-chairperson said that those mounting political pressure have no standing; they have failed in their bid and will now return to homes.

He once again clarified that PPP does not seek mid-term polls, nor it wants the system to be destabilized.

Zardari said the opposition and the government will decide as to when the elections will take place in the country. He stated that a player cannot be a politician and vice versa, adding that ball-tempering does not work in politics.

The former President said that his party is facing difficulties in collecting funds for October 18 rally in Karachi and expressed surprise over the source of expenses of those staging rallies every now and then.



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