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Opposition parties in Sindh unite under Pir Pagara’s leadership

According to details, opposition parties from Sindh have joined hands and formed a united political alliance under the leadership of Pir Pagara. A meeting of Sindh’s opposition parties was held at Kingri House, where Pagara stated that the government had caused harm to the province.

He said during the meeting that opposition parties have gathered in order to prevent Sindh from being further harmed. Pir Pagara also urged political parties in his speech, to purge criminals from their ranks. He said that Karachi’s law and order situation had improved, which is why Rangers should be given more powers in Sindh. When action will be taken against criminals,it would help remove crime from Sindh.

Pir Pagara also said that if Rangers get their powers, they would also remove I.G. Sindh from his office.




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