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‘Organ trading racket’ busted ‘red-handed’ in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: Police on Wednesday raided a private clinic and busted an suspected illegal organ trading racket and recovered the kidney of a woman who was operated at the facility, ARY News reported.

The clinic located on Saidpur Road belonged to Dr. Fazal Elahi who is a retired doctor from the District Headquarter Hospital.

It was established while he was still serving at the hospital, and patients who could not afford treatment at the hospital were referred to the clinic. The clinic was registered and had an operation theater.

The woman had arrived at the hospital to remove a stone from her kidney, after which she developed an infection.

When she consulted another doctor over the infection and conducted several tests, it was revealed to their shock that her kidney was not even present.

According to her family members, the surgeon conducted three separate operations in the span of ten hours to remove a stone from her kidney.

Her son Afzal Wahab has registered a report at Bani police station against the orthopedic surgeon and the staff of the clinic.

The application had been lodged but no arrests have been made despite the passage of more than five hours. Later, Police raided the clinic and took the dispenser under custody.

Her son, while speaking to ARY News, said that the operation was conducted for Rs. 60,000. He disclosed that the second kidney of his mother is also not working and she is under intensive care at another hospital.




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