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Outcomes aside, Imran celebrates 100 days of sit-ins

Imran said his party had wakened up the entire nation.

Addressing sit-in participants, he said Nawaz Sharif was making money at the helm of affairs. He said his party conveyed to masses its ideology through sit-ins.  The real enemy has now been exposed due to prolonged protests, he added.

The PTI chief said it took immense struggle to get independence.

He said all the leaders had now united in the parliament on pretext of saving democracy.

Imran said oppression was at its peak in Tharparkar, where children were dying.

He claimed that he had eradicated fear among Sindh’s people after staging rally in their province.

“The PTI’s rally in Islamabad on November 30 will be peaceful,” he said, adding it would be difficult for government to run its affairs if they attempted to bar PTI rally.



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