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Outrage: Public servants hold symbolic funeral, burn effigy of Ishaq Dar

Dar’s statements in support of the Federal Budget 2015-16 seem to have greatly annoyed the masses, as the citizens of Faisalabad and public employees held a symbolic funeral of the finance minister and burnt his effigy.

The demonstration was staged outside the Labor Department here in Faisalabad, where the participants voiced slogans against Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and the government.

Dar, a couple of days ago, was seen urging the opposition to hail him during the budget speech, while later he was sighted fumed at a journo who reportedly posed a tough question to him at a presser.

However, his [Ishaq Dar] reaction over such a protest by public employees of Faisalabad is yet to be seen and there exists a possibility that it may lead to their dismissal from service.



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