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Over 80 ‘possessed’ students suffer seizures in school

Students of a Peruvian school believe their institute is haunted after more than 80 pupils fainted and suffered seizures.

Some of the students even started screaming uncontrollably after seeing the ‘supernatural being’. The other symptoms the students experienced include vomiting, delirium and shared hallucination.

Health experts are unable to find what caused the illness at Elsa Perea Flores school in northern Peru. While, local residents thought it was a case of “demonic possession”.

Local media said the school was built on an old cemetery and the students said the ‘games’ which were intended to evoke spirits. The games were usually played during break times.

The local authorities have called doctors, exorcists and priests to figure out the cause for massive outbreak of seizures.

Dr Anthony Choy told the Pan-American TV channel many students continued to experience “crises” in the days following the event.

Medical professionals believe that the ‘disease’ could be contagious and warned local villagers to stay vigilant.

Mother of a student Elsa de Pizango, “My daughter fainted at school. She simply fainted and there was foam coming out of her mouth. The doctors do not explain anything in the hospital.”

Some of the students have claimed to have seen a tall man dressed in black with a big beard. They said ‘the man in black’ tried to kill them.

One of the students said she felt as if ‘he’ strangled him. “My friends say that I was screaming desperately, but I do not remember what happened.”



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