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‘Abducted’ girl recovered after complaint lodged with Pakistan Citizens Portal

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Citizens Portal established by Prime Minister Imran Khan is facilitating the people from all nooks and corners of the country and it has become the most popular platform for redressing complaints in a short span of eleven months.

Through the portal, all citizens can convey their complaints to high officials and Prime Minister’s Office makes sure that these complaints are resolved.

A grievance redressal report by all ministries regarding complaints received against them is being sent to the Prime Minister on a regular basis. The report entails the volume of complaints redressed and also the feedback provided by the people in detail.

The number of registered citizens on Pakistan Citizens Portal has reached 1.173 million. So far, 12,33,000 complaints have been received, of which 1057334 resolved, a redressal rate of 86 per cent.

Of these, 92 per cent were redressed at the federal level and 88 per cent in Punjab. Likewise, 87 per cent were remedied in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 79 per cent in Balochistan while only forty per cent were rectified in Sindh.

A woman from Lahore thanked Prime Minister Khan as her abducted daughter was recovered after she registered a complaint on Pakistan Citizen Portal. A senior police officer was removed from his position in that case.

A woman from Akora Khattak said a swindler was arrested after their complaint at Pakistan Citizen Portal, who had taken money from their family but did not provide a piece of land as promised.



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