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Owner of Dilip Kumar’s house demands Rs.80mn

According to Indian media, an official of the KP Culture Department had informed that the provincial government wanted to buy and reconstruct the house, even before the Prime Minister’s declaration.

The official added that Ullah had initially demanded Rs. 35 million, but after the ­declaration, he went for an unreasonable Rs. 80 million, at which the provincial ­government, that had offered only Rs. 20 million, warned him that they could just take the ­property by law as it was already declared to be a ­national heritage.

As per Shakeel Waheed Ullah, ­secretary ­general, Cultural Heritage Council, though Akram is the legal owner of the house, after the 18th Amendment, acquiring the house was the ­responsibility of the ­provincial government and should be taken at the earliest since the residence was in a deplorable condition and could collapse any time.



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