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‘Paan’ vendor thwarts child kidnapping bid in Lahore, video goes viral

LAHORE: A ‘paan’ vendor became an unexpected hero after he foiled a child kidnapping bid in Lahore, ARY News reported.  

In a CCTV video, that went viral on social media, a man accompanied by a five-year-old boy can be seen buying toffees from a ‘paan’ shop in Sanda area of Lahore.

Tayyab, the shopkeeper, observed that the boy was nervous and frightened and he was not taking interest in toffees. On suspicion, the shopkeeper asked the child that why was he confused and who is the man who brought him at the shop. The child replied that he did not know the man.

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Then, Tayyab caught the man, who during interrogation, revealed that he had kidnapped the child from “Bazar Hakeeman” and was going to sell the boy to a beggars’ gang for Rs3,000.

Later, the shopkeeper handed the child and the man over to Iqbal Town police for legal formalities. It is pertinent to mention here that the police had claimed to have recovered the abducted child few days back.



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