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Pak-Afghan border closed over fencing row

The border got closed yesterday for all types of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


On Tuesday, the situation became tense in early morning when the Afghan border security officer, Lieutenant Nisar Ahmad, came to the site and asked the Pakistani border authorities to stop the installation of barbed-wire and fencing near the border.


The Pakistani officials were installing fences to prevent illegal movement on the border.


Reports said personnel of Afghan border police and Afghan National Army took positions and moved their tanks and armoured vehicles close to the Torkham border.


Commandant Khyber Rifles (KR) Colonel Tariq Hafeez along with contingents of Khyber Rifles, Levies and Khassadar personnel also rushed to the border and took positions at various spots.

Pakistani authorities closed the Torkham border after the incident and ordered a halt to the traffic moving across the border.



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