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Gotcha! — Pakistan military releases images taken by downed drone to prove it was sent by India

According to details, Pakistan Army has extracted undeniable spying evidences from the Indian drone it hit down a few days ago near the LoC.

An image retrieved out of quadcopter proves that after the purchase of this quadcopter it was taken inside M/S ASCOM office (An Indian communication and Electronic Firm)

The ISPR – military’s public relations wing – said officials completed technical analysis of the Indian drone and successfully retrieved the images shot by the UAV.

The spy plane took images of different areas within Pakistani territory, while Indian-occupied area alongside the LoC can also be clearly seen in the images.

Another pre-flight picture indicates presence of an Indian soldier (can be identified from Indian uniform) standing in the vicinity of quadcopter

The ISPR said that the spy plane flew from an Indian military post located in Jaurian Sector of occupied Kashmir. It said the Indian forces violated the ceasefire agreement 35 times.

An image probably taken before test flight of quadcopter on its arrival in forward areas indicate company headquarters of the Indian Sector.

“The images extracted from said drone show that the plane was sent to capture sensitive installations in Pakistan and other spying activities,” said the Pakistan Army.

An image taken by quadcopter immediately after flight from a post shows an Indian flag which proves that it started its flight from Indian post.

Moreover, an Indian soldier can also be seen in recovered images.

Another picture gives full aerial view of the Indian Post
Another still picture gives full view Indian side of LOC.


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Posted by ISPR Official on Monday, July 27, 2015



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