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Pak-Iran border authorities agree upon preventing terrorism mutually

QUETTA: Pakistani and Iranian border authorities, during a joint meeting on Tuesday, have agreed upon preventing terrorism activities at the Pak-Iran border mutually – ARY News reports.

During the meeting, Pakistani authorities warned that violation of Pakistan's territorial boundaries by Iran, could have negative impact on the relations between the two neighboring states.

It was stated that Iran should abide by the Pak-Iran border agreement and it must refrain from violating territorial integrity of Pakistan. Officials further warned that if the violations were continued, then a strong reaction is certain from Pakistani side.

On this occasion, Iranian border authorities insured Pakistani officials to respect their territorial boundaries in future and urged Pakistan to cooperate with them in preventing terrorism activities.

Both the neighboring states seemed locking their horns with each other on the issue of 5 Iranian border guards, which Iran has time and again claimed that were kidnapped and taken into hostage in Pakistan.

Pakistani officials after a search operation for the Iranian border guards, denied their presence anywhere inside Pakistan near the Pak-Iran border and reiterated the same, yet the Iranian authorities declined to admit.



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