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Pak-Iran gas pipeline likely to continue

ISLAMABAD: As Iran and Global Super Powers completed their negotiation on the nuclear weapon issue of Iran, the chances of Pak-Iran for the completion of Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline have increased, ARY News reports.

The plan of gas pipeline is in a state of deadlock since the past 17 years. Former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had signed a new agreement with Iran on 11th March 2012 on which Saudi Arabia and several other countries had strong concerns against.

Seven billion 60 crores expense was agreed by the two countries according to which the Faris gas field was to be connected with Balochistan and the city of Multan in Punjab province. The plan was named the “Peace Pipeline”.

Pakistan would be receiving 15 hundred thousand cubic meters of gas after the pipeline would be completed. The diameter of the gas pipeline is 42 inch.

Iran has already laid 900 kilometers of the pipeline in its territory. 785 kilometers of pipeline was planned to be made in Pakistan on which the work was not started.

The investment for the pipeline is ready.



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