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Pakistan Air Force Day being celebrated today

Pilots such as Safaraz Rafique, Younus Hussain, M.M. Alam and Rashid Minhas have their names enlightened in history for their unflinching sacrifices.

Fateha will be offered at the graves of the pilots who laid their lives while defending the country from its enemies.

Special ceremonies are being held in all the air force bases of the country.

The two heroes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Rashid Minhas:

Rashid Minhas is the sole PAF pilot to receive the prestigious Nishan-e-Haider award.

Rashid Minhas was born on 17th February 1951 in Karachi. He received his flight cadet training from PAF Academy Risalpur.

On 20th August 1971, Minhas’ trainer Flight Lieutenant Mutih-ur-Rehman hijacked his student’s trainer aircraft after rendering him unconscious. Rehman wanted to take the plane towards India.

Minhas regained consciousness just 32 kilometres away from the Indian border. He crashed the plane killing himself and Mutih-ur-Rehman in the process.

He was rewarded with the highest military award in Pakistan Nishan-e-Haider for his bravery and services to the country.

M.M. Alam:

On 6th September, 1965, during an aerial combat over enemy territory, Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam flying as pilot of an F-86 Sabre Jet, shot down two enemy Hunter aircraft and damaged three others.

On the very next day, in a number of interception missions flown by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam against enemy aircraft attacking PAF Station, Sargodha, he destroyed five more enemy Hunter aircraft in less than a minute, which remains a record until today.

For the exceptional flying skill and valor displayed by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam in operations, he was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.



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