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Pakistan army wins gold medal in Exercise Cambrian Patrol in UK

A Pakistan army team shared the first place with the Royal New Zealand Army. While the Indian team secured second position winning a silver medal.

Set up in 1959 by Welsh reservists, teams of eight are required to cover over 50km carrying an average of 30kg over the most unforgiving Welsh terrain in less than 48 hours.

Patrols are required to undertake a number of ‘tasks’ on their route, each testing a different aspect of soldering e.g. Map reading, first aid and casualty evacuation, recognition of aircraft, vehicles and equipment and a tactical river crossing.

Each patrol is set within the context of a narrative which often involves teams having to traverse enemy territory, interact with friendly and not so friendly civilians or militia groups. Patrols are tested on everything they encounter on the route during a debrief upon reaching the finishing point.

Results are based on a system of points, evaluating military skills, stamina and dedication during the patrol. Teams that successfully complete their mission are awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal or certificate of merit.



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