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Pakistan at the Edge of a Civil War- How to prevent the Bloodshed?

Unnecessary delay and resistance offered by the present government in filing the FIRs against the culprits of the massive Model Town killings and high scale rigging in
the previous general election held in 2013 now clearly proves the fact that democracy is practically non-existent in Pakistan. In fact behind the shield of so called “democracy” the leaders have been doing huge financial corruption for their personal gains leading to poverty, increasing crime rates in the country, continuing energy crisis, nepotism and lawlessness in the country. Moreover it is also emerging that bulk of judiciary, heads of law enforcing authorities, election commission, and important civil services departments have been purchased or appointed by the rulers to promote their continued ruling and corruption.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Istaqlal (PTI) and the Pakistani Awami Tehrik (PAT) are the two main reforming parties exposing these realities and have mobilized the masses to topple the corrupt government leadership through revolution in order to build up a “new Pakistan”. Massive rallies and processions of both the parties are sitting in the Red Zone of Islamabad capital for the last 12 days demanding for the resignation of the sitting Prime Minister. Table talks seem to have failed because the Prime Minister is not ready to resign.

Any patriotic and sensible citizen of Pakistan within the country and abroad can now read in between the lines that civil war is imminent following the recent deadlock between the government and opposition. Obviously in an attempt to secure its rule, Muslim League Nawaz Group(MLN the ruling party) will try every option to diffuse the opposition as it has already planned its own rallies in various parts of country against the opposition and perhaps have also considered to use the police force against the demonstrators or indirectly for instance through a fabricated court order or by involving the Military. This will certainly lead to head on collision leading to civil war and massive bloodshed.

Therefore now is the high time to prevent the civil war or the bloodshed. Following are the possible solutions:

Every Pakistani and our all organizations whether Civil or Military MUST realize the fact that this life threatening situation will always be exploited by the foreign agencies who are already targeting a civil war in Pakistan to further weaken this country for their own interest and want to create a situation like Syria, Iraq or Libya.

The role of our Military leadership and possibly judiciary will be vital to prevent this mishap.

These two organizations by working in concert can only bail out the situation by acting as neutral arbitrators to formulate an impartial interim government or a national security council largely acceptable to the reputable political parties. This interim arrangement must guarantee a strictly merit based elections at an early date once the electoral process has been scanned and found fool proof by all the contestants’ leaders. This interim body must also arrange for FIR to be registered against the culprits of Model Town killings without further delay and punish them after a proper trial.


Dr Afsar Raza




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