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Will not let Pakistan turn into a banana republic: Farogh Naseem

KARACHI: Federal Minister of Law and Justice Farogh Naseem addressing fifth Judicial Conference held on Saturday said challenges of inflation, among others, the current government is facing are due to corruption took place in the past, ARY News reported.

Farogh Naseem addressed the fifth judicial conference in Karachi today wherein he said the incompetent leaderships have brought Pakistan where it stands today by deviating from the course of the constitution.

For the past 73 year of the country, issues such as political and social classism and economic downfall are apparent which are due to violations by previous governments of the unequivocally agreed-upon constitution.

We stand here at the edge due to the incompetent and corrupt leadership the country has had in the past, the law minister said. He said if only the institutions start to work in line with their constitutional and lawful role, the country can improve for better.

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Noting the Suo Moto notices by the judiciary, he said the abundance and unbridled use of the right also contribute to creating problems of the country.

He said the prime minister is trying his best to bring the country back on the trajectory of progress and prosperity and avoid any steps that may put Pakistan in a harm’s way.

We will not let Pakistan turn into Banana Republic, the law minister said in his address, claiming if the ‘corrupt leadership’ once again took charge of Pakistan, the country might turn into a Banana Republic.

Not approving of the bygone, outdated leadership is what the Naya Pakistan is all about, the federal law minister asserted.



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