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Pakistani-American who “fell in love with Zionism” chosen to lead pro-Israel group

According to foreign media, 21-year-Amna Farooqi was elected as the leader of J Street U, a pro-Israel group, during a gathering which was attended by 120 of its leaders. She is also a senior (last and final year) at the University of Maryland.

Ms Farooqi, while speaking at a conference, had stated that the conflict between Palestine and Israel was prominently discussed at her home. She added that she wanted to learn both sides of the story so that she could play a role of troubleshooter.

Amna Farooqi
Amna Farooqi at her university in the US state of Maryland


The Pakistan-born American added that” she fell in love with Zionism”. She explained this by saying that “Zionism is about taking ownership over the story of one’s people. If Zionism is about owning your future, how can I not respect that?”

She studied a semester at Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Rothberg International School to understand the values and culture of the Jewish people.

Farooqi stated that her extended relatives are confused but supportive of the decision for her pro-Israel campaign. She resided in Jerusalem as a J Street U intern, which included day trips and a visit to Palestinian city of Hebron.



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