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Pakistan would have changed if Nawaz Sharif acted on his promises, says Imran

He was speaking during a visit to Chitral where he said that the apathetic conditions of the roads in the city speaks volumes of the promises which Nawaz Sharif made to the people. He said it had become a habit for him to make false promises and lie to the people of the country.

He said that the federal government was keeping a discriminatory attitude towards Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and had reduced development funds from Rs140 billion to just Rs113 billion.

The lack of funding has severely affected several projects including the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts after devastating floods in Chitral last year.

He said that they have been compelled to seeking assistance from donor organisations, and a conference will be held in Islamabad soon to raise funds.

Imran Khan arrived on a two-day visit to Chitral where he was briefed about the relief and rehabilitation efforts after the floods last year. He said a hefty amount of Rs16 billion was needed to develop the infrastructure which was beyond the resources of the provincial government.



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