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Pakistan constantly disturbs India and promotes terrorism: Indian PM Modi

Modi was speaking at the Bangabandhu International Convention Centre in Dhaka, when the Indian Prime Minister vowed to fight terrorism in a cooperative manner with Bangladesh.

“Pakistan aaye din (constantly) disturbs India, jo naako dum la deta hai (creates nuisance), terrorism ko badhawa (deta hai)…ki ghatnaayein ghatthi rehti hain (promotes terrorism and such incidents keep recurring),”

Modi also recalled how 70,000 Pakistani prisoners of war were in Indian captivity after the 1971 war but India had released them. “If we had a diabolic mindset, we don’t know then what decision we would have taken.Terrorism has no boundaries. India has been troubled by it for the last 40 years. So many innocent people have died and what did those associated with terrorism gain and what have they given to the world…terrorism has no values, no principles, no traditions and it has only one motive and that is enmity against humanity,” Modi said.

Both states, India and Bangladesh, vowed to jointly combat the menace of terrorism and not allow extremist elements to use their states for any nefarious activities. The Indian Prime Minister’s accusation comes days after Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif declared Kashmir an ‘unfinished agenda of Pakistan’ and also stated that “Pakistan is opposed to use proxies against other countries and won’t allow any country to use proxies against Pakistan.”

Relations between both nuclear armed nations and arch rivals further deteriorated when a string of terrorist attacks took place in Pakistan, such as the APS Peshawar incident and the Ismaili Bus attack incident. In both encounters, innocent civilians were targeted and killed by militants. Pakistan did not hesitate in blaming Indian intelligence agency RAW for stoking terrorism in Pakistan and carrying out terrorist activities in the country. On his recent visit to China, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told China that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was ‘unacceptable’.



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