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Pakistan detains 5 Thai nationals for travelling with a gun

A handgun and bullets were found in the Thais’ luggage as they checked for a Thai Airways flight at Allama Iqbal International Airport in the eastern city of Lahore on Monday, they said.

“Five nationals of Thailand, supposedly students, were detained on June 8 after a 32-bore pistol and six live bullets were found in the luggage of one of them,” an official from the Airport Security Force (ASF) told AFP.

“The detainees were later handed over to the relevant investigative authorities,” he added on condition of anonymity.

An official from the Federal Investigation Authority also confirmed the arrests.

Pakistan has recently beefed up security at its airports and inspectors have arrested several people involved in smuggling currency and drugs.

Officials at the Thai embassy in Islamabad could not be reached for comment. -AFP



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