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Pakistan effectively addressing challenges of terrorism, economic revival: Nawaz

Sharif was addressing a meeting with traders and businessmen at Davos.

Talking on the business opportunities in Pakistan, prime minister said that the country is now safe and secure. He said the economy has stabilized due to improved security situation. He said Pakistan due to its natural resources and geographic location is best place for business.

Giving a talk in Davos, he said his government has successfully addressed the challenges of terrorism, energy shortages and economic revival. He said Pakistan today is fast heading towards a promising and prosperous future.

According to state radio, the prime minister said that Pakistan has paid heavy price in the fight against terrorism in term of losses of life and property.

Talking on the economic performance of his government Nawaz Sharif said the country’s GDP growth rate was presently at 4.2 percent and hopefully it would cross five per cent.

He said investment is pouring in three key sectors of infrastructure, energy and railways.



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