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Pakistan embassy in Saudi Arabia announces new passport fees

RIYADH: The Pakistan Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced new fees for issuance of a new or renewal of passport in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement came in the wake of the Ministry of Interior’s notification calling for a 50 per cent cut in the fee for 10-year validity passport.

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According to the embassy, a ten-year validity passport (normal) having 36 pages will now cost 126 Saudi riyals while urgent 210 riyals. The fee for a five-year validity passport having 36 pages remains unchanged.

The fee for 10-year validity passport (normal) having 72 pages has been reduced to 232 riyals while that of urgent to 378 riyals. The fee for a 200-page passport (normal) has been reduced to 252 while that of urgent to 502.

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A person who has lost his/her 10-year validity passport for the first time will have to pay 252 riyals to get a new passport and in case of urgency, 420 riyals.



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