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Pakistan to export 100,000 tonnes of mangoes this season

Pakistan Fruit Exporters Association has announced beginning of the exports from May 20.

The country had not met the previous export target due to around 40% fall in mango production last year.

The exporters, besides focussing on traditional markets, will also try to tap new markets in China, Russia, Iran, Belarus and Central Asian countries.

In the absence of vapour heat treatment (VHT) plant, Pakistan could not export mangoes to the Japanese market for the third consecutive year.

The production is expected to be higher this season than the previous year and it likely to touch 1.6 million tons.

Pakistan for last many years exporting mangoes to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and European countries and recently to South Korea, China, the US and Australia.

By treating mango at the VHT plant, Pakistan can initially export more than 400 tons to Japan, increasing the volume to thousands in future, market sources said.

Pakistan can enhance mango exports to China. A team of Chinese safety experts is expected to visit Pakistan to study quarantine standars in the country. Currently two Pakistani export companies are licensed from Chinese quarantine department for exports.



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