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Pakistan files complaint against BBC over publishing ‘baseless’ report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday lodged a complaint against BBC (British Broadcasting Company) over publishing a baseless report titled “Uncovering Pakistan’s Secret Human Rights Abuses” against Pakistan, ARY News reported. 

The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage has handed over a dossier to BBC over publishing a ‘derogatory’ article against Pakistan.

A dossier stated that the BBC has failed to provide the evidence in the controversial article.

BBC has not taken Pakistan’s point of view on the derogatory report. BBC published the story against its editorial policies, added dossier. BBC in its controversial article has only focused Waziristan where peace has not resorted completely.

Pakistan in its dossier has asked BBC to refrain publishing anti-Pakistan articles in future.

Pakistan saves the right of taking legal action against the BBC authorities, the dossier concluded.

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Earlier, Pakistan Armed Forces Public Relations wing had slammed a controversial article titled “Uncovering Pakistan’s Secret Human Rights Abuses” and indicated to take the matter up with BBC, the publishers of the article in question.

DG-ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor took to the social media website twitter where he shared screen grabs of the libelous article and called it “a pack of lies in violation of journalistic ethos.”

The tweet read: “News story published by BBC on 2nd June 2019, titled “Uncovering Pakistan’s Secret Human Rights Abuses” is pack of lies and in violation of journalistic ethos. The issue is being formally taken up with BBC authorities.”

DG-ISPR rubbished the news item and the claims it staked and said that they have reached out to the publishers against the piece.



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