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Pakistan hangs four death row convicts in Punjab

Lahore, Sahiwal and Bahawalpur cities of Punjab province of Pakistan saw four hangings as four death row convicts namely Zahid Hussain, Nazeer Ahmed, Rizwan and Moazzam Khan were executed.

Zahid Hussain was sent to the gallows in Central Jail Sahiwal. He was convicted of killing a police officer Fida Hussain back in the year 2000.

Bahawalpur Jail had convict Nazeer Ahmed hanged to death. Ahmed killed a citizen named Mushtaq over a property dispute.
Two convicts were executed in Lahore city’s Kot Lakhpat prison on murder charges.

Rizwan was executed for murdering six people including Seth Abid’s son in 2006. The other convict Moazzam Khan was convicted of killing a man named Nasir Iqbal in 1995.

Pakistan lifted the moratorium on death penalty on Dec. 17, a day after Pakistani Taliban gunmen attacked Army Public School in Peshawar and killed 134 students and 19 adults.

The moratorium, in force since 2008, was initially lifted only in terrorism cases. But the government extended the order in March, directing provincial governments to proceed with hangings for all death row prisoners who have exhausted their appeals and clemency petitions.



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