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Pakistan has never back tracked on Afghan policy: NSA Janjua

These remarks were made by National Security Advisor (NSA) Lt. Gen (retd.) Nasser Khan Janjua who was addressing a conference on Afghan refugees.

Janjua stressed on the need to stop illegal border crossings by fencing the border with Afghanistan.  It may be mentioned that last week saw tensions on border management over the installment of barbed wires at fences at Torkham border.

He said that the people of Pakistan shared their homes and dining tables with the Afghan refugees, but it was unfortunate that the Taliban used them for drug smuggling and terrorism.

The refugees are legally bound to obey the laws of both countries. However, it is observed that some youth in Afghanistan would cross the border and start fighting here and return back pretending to be righteous law-abiding citizens.

He expressed solidarity with the people of Afghanistan but said that Pakistan has gained nothing due to influx of 3 million refugees in the country. The international community contributes a meager sum of just three dollars per year for every refugee, and thinks that it has fulfilled its duty.

Janjua said that special legislation should be made at the international level such as the United Nations (UN) to ensure the rehabilitation of Afghan refugees. He said that Pakistan is fully cooperating for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said that we cannot support terrorists and will never take sides with those who plotted the 9/11 attacks. The world needs to understand the efforts made by us for peace and security and not place the whole blame on Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan has suffered tremendously due to the spillover of the four decade old war in Afghanistan. It was for the first time in 14 years that we realize that the Afghanistan operation was not conducted properly. He said that there was no legal or moral grounds for drone strikes and urged the world to reconsider its decision.



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