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Pakistan Interior minister urges media to boycott terrorists

Addressing a press conference in country’s capital Nisar laid stress upon the need to unite against the terrorists lauding the consensus against militancy after the deadly Peshawar school attack that killed 149 people of December 16.

In the conference which looked like a grand call for national fight against terrorism, Nisar urged the nation to remain vigilant and report any possible threat to the nearest police station.

“If they pay you three times more rent than actual value, report. If you see someone buying 50 rotis (traditional bread), report”,  said Nisar.

The minister categorically rejected the notion that Pakistan Army targets children or  women

The imminent threat

Nisar warned the nation about a possible attack on the same pattern as Peshawar school carnage which Pakistan described as its own mini 9/11.

Nisar informed public and media that the parliamentary committee is working day in and day out to devise strategy against terrorism and will present its recommendations soon.



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