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Pakistan invites Indian foreign minister to Heart of Asia Conference

The crucial conference will be focused on Afghanistan and the regional situation that will include representatives from 25 different countries including China, Russia, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The invitation was extended at a time when the Pakistan-India relations are already tensed, however if New Delhi accepts the invitation then the two nuclear-armed adversaries are quite likely to re-engage.

According to a report, Pakistan has formally invited all the concerned states however in case of India, it is looking forward to a wider range of discussions including the Kashmir issue.

The conference will be centered around the present situation in Afghanistan with emphasis on helping the war-racked country re-build its economy.

On the other hand, analysts say that the Indian may send a delegation headed by Ms Swaraj to attend the moot.

Indian PM Modi can possibly re-engage with Pakistan as the elections in Indian state of Bihar are over, in which his party – BJP – traditionally tried to gain momentum by voicing anti-Pakistan sentiments, they argued.



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