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Pakistan is home and that’s what I signed up for, I love it here: Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Thompson made headlines in Pakistan and back in Australia when she tied the knot with renowned Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram. So what was it that actually attracted Shaniera to the tall, ex Pakistani cricket captain? It was his sense of humour. Apparently, Wasim Akram is one of those guys who likes to goof around and have fun most of the times.

“I do jokes, like I would call Snoop Dog the rapper Snoopy Dog Dog, and would say ‘paint the town the red’ instead of ‘paint the town red’ and when I am out with friends I become the center [of attention] and make everyone laugh,” said Wasim. Upon being asked as to how his mother and wife got along, Wasim share another interesting detail about his family.

“My mother admired her [Shaniera’s] beauty but was worried about how both of them would communicate. I told her ‘through signs’. But here’s the catch: my mother doesn’t know English as such and Shaniera doesn’t know Punjabi so it’s a perfect relationship,” he shared.

Wasim also dwelt on how life was first extremely difficult for him when his wife Huma had passed away and he had difficulty in tending for his children all by himself. His wife Huma used to be the one who tended to Akram’s children hence the first few months after her demise were very difficult for him. Though thankfully, Shaniera helped him out even with that.

The first few months were very chaotic, I was still getting to know my children’s schedule, their friends, and Shaniera helped us a lot. She drops my son to his football practice and sees him perform as well.”

And why wouldn’t she? Shaniera has all the love for her husband and has wholeheartedly embraced his home country. “Pakistan is home and that’s what I signed up for, I love it here,” she said.

The couple have a baby daughter together named Aiyla, besides Wasim’s two sons Akbar and Taimur.



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