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Pakistan made smartphone application launched at Alliance Francaise

KARACHI: The launching ceremony of smartphone application was held at Karachi’s Alliance Francaise on Thursday evening.

Gorgeous Ayesha Omer was the host of the ceremony held to launch the Pakistan made application TapMad TV. The application provides live telecast of 140 TV channels at smartphone screens.



Several prominent figures in the media and technology industry of the country including Founder of Planet N Nadeem Hussain, Founder of Rehan School Rehan Allahwala, Mahira Khan, Sara Haider graced the event with their presence.


The Android and iOS application provides live telecast of 140 local and international TV channels at tap of your smartphone screens wherever you maybe.

It also has an HDTV box, which will be made available shortly. It can be connected with TV/cell phone or any other device.

There are couple of features which other similar applications and devices have not yet come up with. TapMad TV introduced a ‘Catch Up’ feature which will help to watch your favorite TV show or season which you missed within the seven days of its release.

TapMad TV also provides a recording function by the name of ‘DVR’ feature through which songs, movies, sporting events or a movie scene can be recorded for replay.

TapMad TV’s Chief Executive Officer Yassir Pasha informed the crowd that over 1 million minutes of content have been consumed on Tapmad TV’s web and application together.


He also said that every developer and co-worker involved in the project was a Pakistani national.

Pasha went on to say that he wanted to ensure that the content being provided by the application was local and legal. He added that he was astonished by the local content, which requires good opportunities.

Pasha also shed light on the cost of the novel mobile application and HDTV box. He added that the simple application, which carries upto more than 140 television channels, is free of cost. The ‘Premium’ feature at Rs. 250 per month through which users could watch television programs and films in high definition.

Mentalist Shaheer Khan, during the event, amazed the crowd with his extra-ordinary ability of playing the psyche of crowd members and reading their minds. Several of his notable acts included guessing the Facebook status and name of actor going through their mind at the moment.


Singer Jimmy Khan and his band, which included musicians from Lahore and Karachi, performed evergreen songs including “Raindrops keep falling on my head” from Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid along with his Coke Studio “Nadiya”.

Delicious Chinese cuisine was served to the audience at dinner which tantalized their taste buds.



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