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Pakistan must do utmost to prevent regional terrorism, says US

In a daily press briefing in Washington Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department, Mark C. Toner urged Islamabad to control militancy not just within its own territory but also across the region and with the region, he meant the neighbouring country of India.

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“It’s important that Pakistan do the utmost to prevent terrorists from carrying out acts of terror – not just in Pakistan, but elsewhere in the region. So it’s important that there’s greater collaboration, greater dialogue. And we would encourage any effort in that regard,” said Toner.

Earlier, the US officials linked Pakistan’s proposal for India to resume dialogue on major and pressing issues between the two countries with United States benefits, saying it was important.

“We [United States] would encourage greater dialogue and counterterrorism cooperation between both Pakistan and India. We’ve said that many times. It’s for the good of both countries; it’s for the good of the region. Frankly, it’s for the benefit of the United States,” Tonner commented.

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Talks between Pakistan and India halted following the Pathankot airbase attack in India. Delhi has always alleged that the attack that killed at least seven Indian soldiers and the infamous 2008 Mumbai attacks could not have been possible without Pakistan’s support. However, Islamabad has denied the allegations.

Besides terrorism, Kashmir remained a split between the two nations along a UN-monitored line of control, both claim it in full and have fought two wars over its control.

July this year has been one of the fatal months since 2010, killing more than 80 civilians and wounding thousands of others in the Himalayan region.



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