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Pakistan says India’s statement on Gilgit-Baltistan elections “interference in its internal affairs”

As Pakistan geared up for the upcoming elections in Gilgit-Baltistan region of the country, the Indian Spokesperson had issued a statement which stated that the elections were “an attempt by Pakistan to camouflage its forcible and illegal occupation of the regions.”

The Pakistani Spokesperson issued a strongly worded statement in which it stated that Kashmir was an internationally recognized dispute and India had clearly violated the United Nations resolution by stating that Kashmir was a state of the union. The Spokesman also further asserted that the statement was an interference in the internal matters of Pakistan.

“It is actually India which is unlawfully occupying the territories of Jammu and Kashmir. To maintain its illegal hold on that disputed territory, India has deployed over 700,000 of its forces, atrociously tries to suppress majority voice of Kashmiri Muslims and holds sham elections at gun-point,” read the press release issued by the Office of Pakistan’s Spokesperson.

The press release also alleged that India was constantly violating Security Council Resolutions which were aimed at providing a just resolution to the Kashmir issue.



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