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Pakistan seeks int’l cooperation on civil nuclear energy: FO

Speaking at a weekly media briefing, Foreign Office (FO) spokesman Qazi Khalilullah said we ourselves are producing nuclear energy and desire cooperation of those countries which possess this technology, including the US.

Pakistan desires a non-discriminatory approach to all nuclear issues in South Asia including its access to peaceful uses of nuclear energy, he said.

Cow-slaughtering in India

When asked about the issue of cow-slaughtering in India, he lamented that in a ‘democratic and secular’ state, minorities should be guaranteed fundamental rights and the state should ensure that they are able to live in accordance with their religious beliefs.

“You may be aware that India is the second largest exporter of beef in the world. Violence against Muslims in India for consuming beef and slaughtering cattle, therefore, is beyond comprehension and a cause of concern for the Muslim Ummah,” argued the spokesman.

Indian-sponsored terrorism in Pakistan

Answering a question pertaining to Indian-sponsored terrorism, he said the purpose of sharing dossiers on Indian involvement in destabilizing Pakistan with the UN secretary general was to inform as well as provide evidence to him about Indian interference in various parts of Pakistan and its role in fomenting terrorism by supporting TTP.

This information would be helpful to the Secretary General in understanding India’s attitude towards Pakistan and its impact on the regional situation, he added.

Taliban attacks in Afghanistan

“We have been helping Afghanistan in many fields including reconstruction, efforts to combat terrorism etc. We have also made efforts to restore trust between the two countries,” Khalilullah replied to a question on a recent statement by the Afghan president.

“As far as the issue of Talban attacks in various parts of Afghanistan is concerned, let me say that there is no truth in allegations that Pakistani agencies are involved in such attacks. We have also said that occupation of Afghan territory by force by any group is condemnable.”

Mina stampede toll reaches 89

In response to Pakistan’s stance on Mina tragedy, the FO spokesman said, “We have full confidence in the ability of Saudi authorities to manage the Hajj affairs and investigate the reasons for the tragedy. Saudi Arabia has been making excellent arrangements for the pilgrims and everyone has benefitted from them”.

He further informed that the number of martyrs of Mina stampede has reached 89, injured still being treated 5 and missing 43, adding, “All efforts are being made to locate the missing Pakistanis”.



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