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Pakistan celebrates Defence Day today

Defence Day is celebrated on 6th September every year in country as people of Pakistan pay homage to the  martyrs who gave sacrifices of their life for the defense of the country during the  Pakistan  India War fought in 1965.

This war affected financially both countries but none of them could dominate. As Pakistan stayed safe, Defence Day is celebrated on 6th September to remember the martyrs and brave sons of soil who braved the storm to save the citizens of their homeland.

Pakistan and India, both countries fought that war for the issue of Kashmir but this issue remained unsolved. A lot of people lost their lives from both countries and a lot of weapons were used. Atlast on 6th September, this war was ended with the support of UN.

Pakistan celebrates this day yet just for telling native of Pakistan that how people were brave at the critical time and were proud of offering sacrifices of their lives for the defense of Pakistan.



The legend of 1965 war is incomplete without Noor Jahan. She stayed in the radio station for 17 days and recorded songs when her infant daughters were ill. She was brave enough to get a curfew pass and drive throughout Lahore in search of musicians. And then she would stand on the microphone and sing “Mereya dhol sipahiya, tennu rab diyan rakhan” (My beloved soldier, God be with you).

Her beautiful songs were highly motivating for Pakistan Army soldiers. She got dozens of letters every day from the public and the soldiers at the war front. Her excellent services during the war, for which she refused to accept any payment, earned her a Pride of Performance on the very next Pakistan Day 23rd March 1966.

Our Field Marshal General Ayub Khan had to accept that half the credit of this victory goes to Noor Jahan.

M.M Alam

On 6th September, 1965, during an aerial combat over enemy territory, Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam flying as pilot of an F-86 Sabre Jet, shot down two enemy Hunter aircraft and damaged three others. For the exceptional flying skill and valor displayed by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam in operations, he was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat.

On the very next day, in a number of interception missions flown by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam against enemy aircraft attacking Pakistan Air Force Station, Sargodha, he destroyed five more enemy Hunter aircraft in less than a minute, which remains a record until today. Overall, he had nine kills and two damagesto his credit. For the exceptional flying skill and valour shown by him in pressing home his attacks in aerial combats with the enemy, He was awarded a bar to his Sitara-i-Juraat.



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