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Pakistan to protest against India’s attempt to violate territorial waters

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has said that it will raise the matter of India’s attempt of violating Pakistani territorial waters in the United Nations.

Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) Nafees Zakaria was speaking in an interview with Radio Pakistan.

The FO official said that Pakistan Navy pushed back the neighbouring country, who was trying to violate territorial waters.

It should be noted that Pakistan Navy had successfully intercepted an Indian submarine and prevented it from entering Pakistani waters.

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Zakaria went on to say that that India is trying to divert the attention of the international community by increasing hostilities at the Working Boundary and Line of Control (LoC).

The spokesperson went on to say that the human rights violation being carried out by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir has grabbed the attention of the world community.

He added that the people of Kashmir are demanding their right to self-determination in a peaceful way.



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